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Ultimate Cover

The Ultimate Cover is constructed with the strongest North American made poly weave material. It is partnered with a band of ‘patented’ Enviro Mesh material to allow rain and melted snow to penetrate the band while leaves and other debris are left behind. The Ultimate Cover utilizes tried and tested “Armorkote” material for the main body. Armorkote was selected for the Ultimate Cover for its durability, relability and years of success on all pools in all areas of the USA.

Unique features include reinforced perimeter binding with non-rusting, non-staining grommets secured in a reinforced vinyl patch. High quality UV-stabilized securing straps keep your cover secure all season long. With no standing water on your cover, debris dries out and simply blows away! In the spring, just remove the cover and vacuum your pool.

No standing water on top also means no breeding ground for potentially hazardous mosquitoes. It also a money saver for regions where water is allocated or costly. You can use nature’s water to fill your pool.

Features & Benefits
  • Fewer seams due to full widths.
  • Triple edge reinforced binding around perimeter.
  • Finished cover within inches of actual pool size.
  • All covers made in Canada/U.S.A.
  • Full size range of standards, rounds, ovals and rectangles.
  • Specials available in either rectangle form or custom shaped to fit any shape and size.
  • Tan.