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Single Chamber Water Bag

Yard Guard makes a variety of water bags to ensure that your in-ground or above-ground winter cover is secure and does its job all winter long.

Single chamber, double chamber & wall bags are time-tested and proven to protect your winter cover from collapsing under the weight of ice and snow.


  • Heavy gauge U.S. vinyl.
  • U.V. treated.
  • Freeze crack additive.
  • Large U.S. made valve to accept a standard garden hose.
  • 5′, 8′ & 10′ single/double.
  • 2′ wall bags.

Intermittent Seal Water Bags

The single valve bag that performs as a double. This unique and patented Yard Guard design has intermittent centre seals that allow water to flow evenly into both chambers.


  • Water is evenly dispersed, reducing risk of failure.
  • Fills faster.
  • The ‘heat activating” black colour slows the process of water freezing.
  • Comes in blue or black.