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Armor Kote

The incredibly strong Armor Kote winter cover provides your pool with extra tough winter protection for years to come. Armor Kote covers are 30% lighter and 50% stronger than other covers with a higher tear and puncture resistance and superior seam strength. To retain its beautiful appearance season after season, this tan cover is specially coated with a chemical-resistant polymer to resist staining from chlorine. Deep blue underside prohibits algae growth by blocking the light on which algae feeds. This cover will stay grounded with its heavy-duty water bag loops every 40 in. and corner loops for extra tie-down protection (matching tan water bags sold separately). A 5 ft overlap on in-ground pools, 20-year warranty/ 5-year full. Water bags sold separately.

Features & Benefits
  • Finished cover within inches of actual pool size.
  • Water bag loops and tie-down loops on ingrounds.
  • Reinforced nylon loops approximately every 30″ on above-grounds.
  • Coated cable and metal winch on above-grounds.
  • All covers made in Canada/U.S.A.
  • Full size range of standards, rounds, ovals and rectangles.
  • Above-grounds available in 3′ and 4′ overlaps.
  • In-grounds available in 5′ and 6′ overlaps.
  • Specials available in either rectangle form or custom shaped for any size pool.
  • Tan w/ Blue underside.