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Enviro Cover

Enviro Cover is a patented reflective silver-coated mesh pool cover that speeds up the melting process, allowing water to filter through. This relieves pressure on pool walls and reduces the need for water where water is allocated or costly.

Features & Benefits
  • Strongest mesh cover available. The Yard Guard patented lace coat construction fortifies and enhances the durability of the cover.
  • Eliminates the need to pump off water and avoids accidental spills when opening your pool in the spring.
  • Reduces standing water, minimizing the effects of infectious insects.
  • Uses a triple-edge binding on the perimeter of the cover to add strength and durability.
  • Black coating to reduce algae growth.
  • Above-ground covers utilize webbing loops and a metal winch and cable. Webbing loops are much stronger than brass grommets that fall out over time reducing the strength of the cover.
    Inground covers are equipped with water bag loops.
  • 8-year Warranty – one full year, balanced prorated.
  • Enviro Cover is made by North Americans with North American material for North American winters.
  • Black/Grey