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Why Choose Yard Guard?

Our story beings over one hundred years ago.

Protective covers have been made under the family name Hinsperger since the late 1800s. Over the years, the type of products and materials used have changed in order to keep up with customer requests and market conditions.

Since 1976, the Hinsperger company (HPI, Hinspergers Poly Industries Ltd.) has been supplying a huge range of protective covers made from woven and extrusion coated polyethylene. Due to the tremendous strength, reduced weight, wide colour range and relatively low prices, this fabric is now used worldwide in industries as diverse as agriculture, construction and consumer products. Today, it is precisely this quality that HPI uses to produce a wide range of covers for all types of pools under the brand name of Yard Guard.

By continuing to upgrade our machinery, our plant facilities, our production programs and our product line, the Hinsperger mission to supply customers with the best products at competitive prices has never changed.

As a members of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, Hinspergers have passed the test of time by providing quality, pricing and innovation.

Features & Benefits
  • All products are manufactured in-house with raw materials from Canada & U.S.
  • Full product line of winterizing covers and accessories.
  • The highest quality standards utilizing the best raw materials and most modern equipment.